Friday, September 5, 2008

Trouble with a Capital T

...and that rhymes with P and that stand for...uh, Problematic? Oh, I don't know.

As you all know (from previous blog posts), James is quite the adventurer. Well, he continues to become more and more adept at moving QUICKLY from place to place. I can't turn away for more than two seconds or he'll be into something new. Here are some of the latest predicaments that James has gotten himself into:

Point of Clarification: Some of the pictures I'm going to post are pretty incriminating. I hope you all don't decide I'm a bad mom because I let James crawl all over the apartment. I promise that whenever he finds something dangerous (wires, plastic bags, etc.) that I didn't think he could get to I move them to a better place. I also keep a close eye on him during his adventures. Right now as I'm blogging, James is safely bouncing away in his jumper. In other words...please don't freak out, mom! ;)

First off, we have the first time James decided he could crawl through one of our chairs (this first time he actually got stuck and I had to save he just slides right through):

Unfortunately, these are the same chairs that I use to keep James out of the kitchen:

Yeah, now I have to cover the chairs with a blanket, and that only slows him down enough for me to get him before he crawls through. He can still make it past the blockade and into the kitchen. Next baby-proofing goal? The kitchen! Or maybe it's just about time we invest in a baby gate.

Next, we have fun with blankets (ok, so this one doesn't really fit the theme, but I thought it was cute!):

Yesterday he managed to climb on top of our shoe basket:

Don't worry, I picked him up seconds before he dove headfirst out of the basket onto the tile floor.

And today, he climbed into our computer desk:

That one happened when I was on the phone for all of two seconds.

Yep! Keeping this little guy out of danger is a full-time job! Here's a video that shows how fast he's gotten at the army crawl (still no tummy off the ground crawling):

Gotta love this crazy boy!


Paula said...

Hahaha, yay! I loved the video. He is such a happy baby! I can't get over it. He also seems so proud of himself in all of those pictures. It must be hard to have to pull him away from his discoveries all the time. His smile is so contagious.

Lisa said...

How cute is that.

The Bountiful Ridge's said...

It's official...we have the cutest nephew!

P.S. Jonathan misses James everyday more and looks like we may have to make a trip to Oregon...

Lisa said...

I saw a commercial the other day - I don't remember what it was for, but there was a mom sitting on a bench and this banging noise and then the camera panned out and you saw this little toddler boy grinning from ear to ear and repeatedly pushing his stroller against one those blue mail drop boxes. It was pretty hilarious, and I was like "Ah - Jennie's future."

The Bountiful Ridge's said...

I watch this video over and over... and I still can't get over how cute he is. I miss you guys!