Friday, September 12, 2008

A real crawl! Almost.

James is learning so quickly! It seems that I'll say one thing in the blog (in this case, last week's "no belly off the ground crawling yet") and he'll prove me wrong within days. In the past week or so James has been trying to crawl with his tummy off the ground. He starts out in good form, and everything goes well at first. Then, after a few paces, he realizes he can't go as fast as he wants to and flops back down on his belly to his trusty army crawl.

In this video he stayed up longer than usual. I also tried to show him pull himself up to stand once he reached me, but he sorta gave up on me. :) Another time!


Paula said...

James is amazing!! I can't believe how fast he is changing. He is so different than the last time we saw him. He is such a happy, cute boy.

Diana Aiko Harris said...

I can't stop watching that video. He is so cute and I swear he gets cutter every time I watch a new video of him. Keep those videos coming Jennie!! :)